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[08 Oct 2015|01:30pm]

Please leave all feedbacks (sell/buy/trade) here!
(or elsewhere and inform me about it if you prefer that)

Feedbacks from other communities:
garage sale japan feedback (sawawa: 16 total? hard to see >_>;)
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yey photoshop [05 May 2008|02:35pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Going to go see D today :D

I haven't kept up with their music nor have I brought myself to a non-oshare-kei live since... since way back when so I shall stay in the back and enjoy the live @ ease..

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[03 Apr 2008|10:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]

don't know how I got myself into this, but I'm (sort of) working for Tokyo Disney Land (indirectly) 8D

My part will be done by next week tuesday.... and I'll be back to my normal work & schedule than, but the past couple of weeks has been quite interesting.... esp going to work everyday at 7am, only to find a mushroom dressed in black suits and sleepy to death (ie, myself) caught in the midst of energetic spring-break kids (ok, many of them are actually my age x_X;).

...and the seriously long and crowded lines that have already formed before the gate.


what time are these kids waking up at!!!?????

I don't remember putting so much effort into spring vacation when I was young... (i am still young :D)

kids these days are so tough o_0;

What's good about this job, is that WDAJ (yes OLC is the one who actually runs the Tokyo Disney Resort... unfortunately I am not part of them :/) provides unlimited amounts of oolong tea to its employees.


I miss my usual company's unlimited amount of free vegetable juice, but there's a limit to how much one can consume vegetable juice per day.

there is no such limit to oolong tea (....as far as I am concerned).


despite all the eventful days, life is so boring nowadays....

I miss my psychologically and physically near-death status @ college ;_;

Seriously. I hate doing what I can do. If I know that I can do it, what's the point in actually performing it?

It's the same with RPG games... Once I'm up to the point of just going and killing the evil person to finish the game, there is no way I will actually manage to proceed from that point. Hence my record of not finishing any DQ or FF games ever. EVER. eevvveeerrrrr.


need to go wash dishes. jeez.

last but BY FAR not the least,

mucc's new release is awesome as usual.

why are they so talented.....!! orz

....what is this "adult content" option anyways?
When did this appear on LJ?
Does this mean I should write something R-rated??? 8D

....sorry. Disney is not R-rated....

maybe the blue ghost thing cosplaying as little mermaid is.

....i should probably learn the names of those characters before I leave here.

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crappy pumpkin, hazuki and one fukuda. [09 Nov 2007|12:44am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

at least...
draw the face directly onto the pumpkin?

at least....
choose an orange paper????


The degree to which people can be lazy. I was actually tempted to buy this crappy Jack-o-lantern. (um...

Moving right along 8D

Finally got a chance to go to Jishuban during its shop hours.....

hazuki!!!!!!!!!! ヾ(;▲;)

...the photograph was great too. I love his tatoo XD

..though, mucc's FAZ was SO SO SO SO SO good that anything that comes after has a handycapp...

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[28 Sep 2007|11:12pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

...It definately shook.
I mean...
I even spilled my tea. orz

..but neither my one-seg cell nor the internet papers mention anything about an earthquake.

...maybe I was just personally shaking & spilling my tea... orzzz

damn I can't finish this cross word (;ω;)

hints anyone?
it was the one on Yomiuri America, the 23rd...

lastly, JEEEEZ.

another hacking incident.
This time, a child chasing around classmates with an ax.
quite an ax boom isn't it....
at least the sumo-wrestler wasn't hacked. poor kid... poor father. (;_;
...ok I'm at my limit. Let's download Higurashi kai's ep12 from the internet (T_T)

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[12 Sep 2007|03:03pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

w t f .

I seriously SERIOUSLY hope Ozawa doesn't take over as the next next prime minister... even if LDP looses power..


[09 Jun 2007|01:34pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Finally got a chance to watch the newest episodes of claymore & death note... both of them are made practically word-by-word from the comic so it's nothing new, but it's getting interesting XD

...is it me, or is the logic behind why male claymore's are failures just hillarious...? Guys are more prone to loosing self-control over sexual pleasure...?lol This small story preceding millia being captured by the male awakened-one makes the whole scene somewhat perverted in a way that the author probably didn't intend...

or maybe it's me having a dirty mind than the general audience (σωσ;)

On a more serious note, the BGM that came on during the first time millia was using her supersonic speed thing was good! I hope the Claymore OST comes out soon... nightmare's single wasn't that great. The full-version of the OP song was good, but.. what is that PV??? is everyone dead?? lol (um...) I should have bought the anime cover one...

ch. 73 is out! I feel bad DL-ing it but hey.. I'll buy the comic once I go back home. I don't see a point spending twice as much $$ (esp during this cheap yen period) buying it in NY (=_=;)


...I completely missed this!!!
Higurashi (answer) anime starting on July!!!!!!!



this makes me HAPPY

even though I know I'm not going to be satisfied with the animation and have a fuss over how how HOW better the original game is...


[07 Jun 2007|11:41pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

yey commencement! ...that is, like, a couple of days ago... I don't know what I've been doing since. Not studying my brain off every second feels wieeerrrred 8D

anyways, yes. Gazette updated their offi with info about the store-exclusives for their upcomming album!!!! They are truely awesome for listing this... you don't know how annoying it gets to stalk multiple websites to check on what the specials are XD ...well, not actually since I enjoy doing this >_>;

so... LikeA vs Jishuban. Which shall it be????? Deciding on LikeA for the DVD wasn't that difficult.. but this one!!! 5 B3-size poster, vs 1 clearfile & 4 A4-portraits. I want them all.

Also, anyone know what's going on with girugamesh's upcomming release...? Brand-X says that only the limited press comes with the poster, but Guruguru gives a poster to both, which is wierd. Guruguru usually isn't that generous :x And.. what is this????? "The regular press lyric will be hand-written by the members"


...I don't know why the "hand-written" part is so attracting... BUT IT SURELY IS. Crap. If it was D'espairs, I definately would have no second thoughts about buying both types even though doing that for an album is quite ridiculous...

I mean...

hizumi's hand-writing!!! (*ノノ)

(...i know i know. leave me alone...)

They should make the limited press special ;_; Why are they doing this anyways? What do the girugamesh people's handwriting look like? If they have really crappy handwriting it would be so cute.

speaking of which.

what is this about Karyu-san's outfit being too sexy during the instore????? XDDDD

...ok. It's too hot here. Sorry my brain is a little on the gasseous side. I guess I'll go take a walk.. even if it's the middle of the night... cool my brain off so I can go to sleep peacefully...

but 12012's blog has been updated with so many pics ;_; so many sakai-san >_<** and the most recent pic!!! sakai-san's muscles!!!!!! (*´А`)3

....seriously. I need to go take a walk 8D

though, I must admit that wataru's pic with the suga-san's head is cute..... even if I was in a sober state... lol

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[28 Apr 2007|12:56pm]
To whom it may concern

Philadelphia Darfur Rally, this sunday @ 1-4pm (starting at City Hall).

Whatever it may be, if you have a reason, come one, come all.

oh, and I won't post the URL to the official since I have personal problems with the ideals of that website :P

...crap that means I need to finish the formal report in less than 24hrs from now... XD;


GONZO is already reconstructing the series... I can't believe they are going to take out the whole komo episode... that was my favorite ;_;

[17 Apr 2007|09:40am]
[ mood | blah ]

BEST OF MUCC, release date 6/6!! ..they should have released it on Mucc's day...lol

what is better,


- collection of mostly hard-to-get songs from their indies period
- artwork done by mucc's original staffs, design done by Sakurai Ao, and gelatin for camera

A reconstruction of the indies mucc!

Oh WOW my hopes are HIGH as heaven for this... not that I prefer the earlier mucc. There was a time that I did, but now, I just insanely admire every part of mucc's history, so...

oh... and 12012's cyclon comes in 3 types? That's so annyoing XD

Anyways, yeah. My condolence for the V.Tech people. [ ]

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[15 Apr 2007|12:13am]
[ mood | amused ]



...I couldn't help it. I was looking forward to this so much. 1st episode of Bokurano!!! (;_;)

The OP is awesome... The lyrics are perfect ;_; The ED hasn't caught onto me yet, but the lyrics are promissing... Eventually...

I really hope that GONZO doesn't include too much original stuff. Narutaru anime version (especially the TV-live ver....) was a little dissapointing... But the first episode was quite good according to yours truely, me. I praise the director for starting the whole series out with the scene of an worm being eaten by a bird XD I also liked the small details.. though, people who don't know the story won't catch those details so I wonder how interesting this first episode is for them... None of the deep parts are revealed yet so it seems like a regular oldschool robot anime >_>;


Where's the cradle??? ;_;

oh well... if you want seriously enjoy this story, you should find a scanlation somewhere... It's one of those story by one of those artists... it really unfolds better when you are flipping through the pages. Again, again, and again.

Watching that OP with that music makes me cry (p_q)

...none of the other new anime series this season seems to be too attractive... Claymore is, yeah, of my typical preference, and Nightmare's doing the OP so I can probably have high expectations for that... but it's so so so typical that it's nothing to be excited about... Darker than Black slightly misses my preference... like D.Grey... it's ever so close to fitting my taste, but the slight shift completely eliminates my interest >_>; Seto no hanayome and Hayate no gotoku are probably hillarious, but again, nothing to be eager about. ...what else is there? Romeo and Juliette? Somehow I don't even have motivation to watch it... I guess Over Drive will be decent. I'll miss Busourenkin though...

Oh well. Death Note is getting into the latter half (which I love) and Bokurano *should be* beyond awesome, so that's cool. None of the drama this season also seems interesting, but I shouldn't be wasting time watching 1hr long drama for the rest of the semester... so... lol

I couldn't help it #2

Borrowed Angels in America DVD on friday. It's due back at the library on tuesday... it's 176min long... OTL damn I want to see this.

I couldn't help it #3

Bought Elie Wiesel's Beggar in Jerusalem at the library book sale.... it was only $1 though XD Don't know if it's good, and I probably liked the translator's language more than Wiesel's original (wouldn't know.... can't even start to know that language x_X;)

I couldn't help it -the ULTIMATE-

...I finally sent it. 7/10 weeks. I didn't include any letters.. I couldn't write anything. I'm already regretting it.

未練たらしさ120%。Collapse )

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[05 Apr 2007|12:17am]
[ mood | yeyyy ]

CDJapan replied saying, YES! 04/07 issue of VS will be included XD

...but they didn't have sadie's DVD.. or lab.'s DVD... x_X; But they do have non-jrock CDs! Beat Crusader's Ghost & BRAHMAN's handan's pillow... should I be happy that the total is less than it would have been if sadie's DVD was available? (´へ`;)

I understand them not having the latter since it's more of a priviledge thing, but why won't they have sadie??? ;_; Maybe it's too limited and didn't get around to CDJ, or maybe it's just not updated yet (though... it's being released on the 18th...). It's probably going to sell out... but I'm not sure if I should buy it >_>; afterall, I've never actually experienced their live, and their songs are the types of songs that I prefer listening to a well-made CD...


April VS!!! tooru personal!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDddd


This makes me happy.


Aside from all the shitty reality I probably should be facing right now 8D


How is it past midnight already? 7 more hours until work... I wonder if I can finish one whole Discrete problem set with this time >_>;

...last but not the least (not at all)Collapse )

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[18 Mar 2007|11:28am]
[ mood | cold ]

Dyed hair.


? :D

Is my developer outdated...?
This did seem black when I got out of the shower this morning... >_>;
Where did it go... (・ω・;)

Anyways (um...)

off to work 8D

I should be writing the religion midterm rather than working

Damn it's already the last day of spring break... how is it that time flies by faster when you're working than when you're enjoying a live (x_X;)

...after watching XII Party for the 9999999999999th time, I have to say, that I prefer hide & seek except for the intro and the ending... :x Don't get me wrong. The DVD... both DVDs... ALL DVDs from 12012 are incredible awesome (which is rather surprising for me to say). It's just that I personally prefer CROM and hide&seek.

...what's up with Miyawaki-san's voice in XII Party???? He sounds painful especially during Melancholy >_>; I wonder if he was having a throat problem.. though, the last MC was good! and the INTRO!!!!!! >_<************** suga-san is so so so so so hot and

c u t e (つд`*)

...oh, and juliadoll's eternity rocks too. I never thought I would be falling in love with a new vk band once kagerou disbanded, but I guess this is my last exception...





I've been having such a painful time trying to keep away from the songs & PVs floating around the internet... ;x; so stop rambling about how incredibly insanely AWESOME hizumi is!!! XDDDD well.. I guess most of my friends are karyu-mania or tsukasa-mania so there's not that much about hizumi-san and zero-san... but still. Arg. I can't wait~~~ OTL

ぐちCollapse )

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[02 Mar 2007|07:50am]
[ mood | blank ]


....and Q emailed me saying happy birthday.

What more would I need?




[20 Feb 2007|10:55pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

"verbal communication consists in nothing more than elaborate disturbances in the air which form a causal link between the non-linguistic activities of human agents" (Davidson, Radical Interpretation)

"How would you organize the Pacific Ocean? Straighten out its shores, perhaps, or relocate its islands, or destroy its fish." (Davidson, On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme)

"For how could something count as a language that organized only experiences, sensations, surface irritations, or sense-data? Surely knives and forks, railroads and mountains, cabbages and kingdoms also need organizing." (Davidson, On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme)


I love Davidson.

Not his ideas, but the metaphor/discription he uses...

..actually, I love his writing style in general.

"But what is in view here is not just actually available evidence; it is the totality of possible sensory evidence past, present, and future. We do not need to pause to contemplate what this might mean. The point is that for a theory to fit or face up to the totality of possible sensory evidence is for that theory to be true"

...the bolded sentence was completely unnecessary ヾ(´А`;)


[14 Feb 2007|10:06pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

....excuse me?

NO PAPI-SAMA???? ヾ(;□;)

But it's valentine!!!!!!!

Bravo was a w e s o m e

...but still. I have a special place in my heart for perverted elegant R-rated butterflies. I need a weekly dose of papi-sama in order to maintain psychological health you know.... jeez.... jeeeez---- JEEEEEZ------ *force quit*

um.... yeah. anything else happy I can write about...?


K got into MIT grad school!!! 。*゜ヽ(´∀`)ノツ゜・。*゜

伝わらんけどCollapse )

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[04 Feb 2007|08:45pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Don't worry.
It's just milk! (´へ`;)

...did I mention that I can spend endless time entertaining myself with my insanely adorable stuffed animals? 8D

I have nothing intelligent to write....

Finally got my ears off D'espairs and kagerou...
Ran through a lot of songs that were on the Oricon, and came across REDBALLOON. wow these people are good. They are... quite typical. Not too unique in lyric, melody, guitar sound, etc.. but they are good! ...I'm getting a little tired with AKFG... so maybe that's it. Though, AKFG is probably more skilled than these guys...

If you like bands like yuzu, 19, AKFG, remioromen, etc, you'll probably like them too... try them out :D

REDBALLOON - yuki no tsubasa (wings of snow)
REDBALLOON - mae he (proceed)

遠く遠く100万年の未来へCollapse )

..Anyways. Need to go to work~. ノツ

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random. [13 Jan 2007|06:00pm]
[ mood | blank ]

D'espairs ray is releasing singles in March!!! YEY PV!!!!

...what about an album? :D

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Jrock CDs, DVDs, magazines & extras [07 Feb 2000|07:09pm]
Jrock items
(I also have these on sale in my Japanese selling page)

CDs,Collapse )
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Gothic, Lolita, and the like [01 Jan 1980|12:52pm]

- laced ribbon overknee

- anarchy: distressed sweater
- anarchy: design long cardigan
- hn nois: warmer

Miho Matsuda
- Hollin shorts

- tri-ribbon JSK

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

h.NAOTO anarchy - distressed sweater
01/07; shipped!
Asking $45
(selling on consignment)


Decent condition as 2nd hand item.

Asymmetric top; consists from several different scraps of fabric sewed together. Some parts are left undone, with strings hanging down. Couple of splits (laced-up) on the front & back side of the torso, and wholes (cuts?) on the arms. Rib-bone print on the front, with blood stains all over. I suppose it has a surgical motif...?

The collar is lined with white cloth, but the other parts are not. Longer arm on one side.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Miho Matsuda - "Hollin" shorts
 10/01; waiting payment
10/09; payment received, will ship today or tomorrow (US, EMS)
10/09; shipped & emailed tracking #

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Metamorphose - tri-ribbon JSK

$120 shipped anywhere in the world (EMS)
*includes online tracking & insurance*
(selling on consignment)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

h.NAOTO anarchy - design long cardigan

Asking $65

(selling on consignment)


...I'm not exactly sure how to describe this 8D

The basic shape is a button-up long cardigan with ultra-high neck.... Somewhat asymmetric. The front side is segmented into a couple of regions (neck, chest, stomack? & hips), so when you completely button the cardigan up, there'll be some openings. You could wear it like that, showing what you are wearing underneath.

Or, you can unbutton parts of it make it in a.... vest? like? style??? Buttoning the chest part & leaving the rest of the bottom buttons undone makes it look like a short vest + layered jk style (if that makes any sense... just refer to my pic where I'm wearing the colorful CS skirt) which is rather cute.

In the same way, unbuttoning parts of the chest segment & folding the freed part over while buttoning the neck segment would make a neck warmer + large collar/off-soulder style (my pic where I'm in black except for my tanktop).

You can also weired like me 8D and bring the neck segment up to your head to make it into a hair accessory (though, you'll probably have to pin it to secure it). Of course, you don't need to fasten the buttons with their proper holes.. mix up the segments for a more random look. You can also get a neck warmer + bollero look by flipping the whole thing upside down.

Whatever. Depends on your creativity :P

The fabric is very soft & thin; black base with red and white/gray Engrish. The button holes and linings are also in red.

free-size, very stretchy.
(recommend US size XS to M for comfort)

[US/Canada/Australia] EMS $17; airmail $12
[Europe] EMS $20; airmail $12

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

h.NAOTO - arm/leg warmer
10/14; on hold
10/27; payment received (US, EMS)
11/02; items shipped (sorry for the delay;;; >_<;;;)

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